Tablets / Capsules Packing Machine for Large Hospital Packs

Tablets / Capsules Packing Machine for Large Hospital Packs

Model: Mercury
Manufacturer: Masterweigh, England
Year of Manufacture: 1989



This is a tablet and capsule packaging machine that was controlled by the computer next to it. It was used to pack 500 and 1000 units in each container called “hospital packs” since it was a lower cost packaging and therefore more economical for hospitals.

The plastic containers were fed onto the conveyor belt and the tablets or capsules into a hopper on the upper part of the machine which unfortunately did not surive. Depending on the number of units programmed into the computer, the machine would count the exact quantity and release them through a funnel into a container which would be stopped from moving along the conveyor belt by a mechanical arm until the container was full.

The filled container would travel down the line on the conveyor to the capping station where a plastic cap would be applied after an insert leaflet would be inserted into the container. It would then continue to the labelling station for a label containing the name and other important information on the product to be applied to the side of the container. Finally, the containers would be packed into carton boxes.

The stainless-steel panels covering the sides of the upper part of the machine have been replaced with acrylic to allow the viewer to see the internal workings of the machine.