Computerised Batch Counter

Computerised Batch Counter

Model: KDC-1
Manufacturer: Kwang Dah Ent. Co, Taiwan
Year of Manufacture: 1991



This machine was used to pack tablets and capsules into plastic containers usually up to 100 units in each. It uses a computer to count the tablets / capsules and therefore it is not really practical for larger packs e.g., 500 or 1000.

The tablets or capsules would be loaded into the hopper on the left-hand side and they would pass through the chute onto a turntable where they would be counted and guided through one of the exit chutes at the front. While this operation was going on, no more tablets or capsules would be allowed to pass through from the turntable so as to accurately empty the required number of units.

This machine could work as a stand-alone unit (as is here) or as part of a packaging line equipped with (i) a conveyor belt that would automatically stop the plastic bottles in front of each exit chute and only start again once they are filled one by one, (ii) a capping machine and (iii) a labelling machine.

The containers would then pass onto another conveyor that would take them to the capping station where a cap would be fitted on to each container thus sealing the contents. In some cases, a Patient Information leaflet (PIL) would be placed on top of the tablets or capsules before capping.

The next step was the labelling station where a label would be affixed to each container for identification purposes.

Finally, the containers would be placed into cartons.