Automatic Cap Sealing Machine

Model: SGX500
Manufacturer: Shanghai Lattine, China
Year of Manufacture: 2010



This is a stand-alone capper that fits plastic caps onto glass or plastic bottles. It can be used in conjunction with a liquids filling machine or a powder-filling machine thus saving money and space for the company.

The filled bottles would be carried by a conveyor belt to the large Teflon wheel that has indentations according to the diameter of the bottle and as it rotated it would position the bottles first under the chute for a cap to be placed on top and then to the next station where the cap would be screwed onto the bottle. In later years, child-proof caps were used that need simultaneously a downwards push as well as a turn, an ability that children do not possess until later in life.

The capped bottles would then be returned to the conveyor to exit the machine and go onto a labelling machine that would apply to the side of each bottle a label with the required information.