Powder-Filling Machine for Oral Syrups

Manufacturer: Thomason Machinery, Cyprus
Year of Manufacture: 1990



Certain active pharmaceutical ingredients are susceptible to moisture and therefore can not be formulated as a liquid syrup during manufacture but, rather, the water is only added just before the product is to be used by the patient. As such, these products must be presented in powder form. The most common examples include antibiotics.

This machine fills oral powders into bottles (glass or plastic) which are fed through a conveyor belt from the left-hand side. A round plate made of Teflon and having indentations according to the diameter of the bottle to be used, traps the bottles one by one as it rotates, and positions them in turn under the filling nozzle.

The powder is fed into a hopper at the top and by means of an adjustable auger the exact amount of powder required is poured into the bottle. The plate then rotates and transfers the filled bottle onto a conveyor to be taken to a capper so that a cap would be applied to hermetically close the bottle, and then to a labeler to affix on the side a label with the necessary information.