Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System for Powders and Granules

Model: Vac-U-Max
Manufacturer: Clyde – Richard – Simon, England
Year of Manufacture: 1990



Vacuum Conveying is the process of moving bulk dry materials, such as powders, from place to place within a factory using suction. It is controlled via a system of compressed air which enters through the vertical tube and the valve on the left-hand side. The material is transferred in a network of tubing from the pickup point or source to the desired endpoint.

This method has several advantages including the dust-free transfer of powder, ease of cleanliness (as they can be disassembled quickly and without tools), small size and relative ease compared to the laborious transfer of powder by hand.

This particular one was used in the 1990s to transfer powder from a drum to the hopper(s) of a tablet machine. It is made from stainless-steel for ease of cleaning and was mounted on a trolley so that it could be easily transported from place to place.

It was operated from the control panel at the lower part.