Jacketed Mixing Vessel with Vacuum

Jacketed Mixing Vessel with Vacuum

Manufacturer: Giusty, Italy
Year of Manufacture: 1967



This Giusty mixer was designed for the manufacture of creams in the mid-1960’s with the input of Takis Pattichis himself and later used also for gels.

It is a “jacketed vessel” featuring a double wall through which steam could be passed to heat up the contents – a requirement for the manufacture of creams.

It has a variable speed drive controlled via a rotating knob on the drive itself that turns two blades in opposite directions to ensure good mixing and the baffles create an inward movement so that no part of the cream or gel would stay close to the wall for too long. The arm rotating the blades has a round opening at the top to accommodate a high shear mixer for the homogenization step of the manufacturing process.

There are also viewing ports on the lid to allow inspection of the processing and the lid itself can be hermetically closed by means of fasteners all around. This allows for a vacuum to be effected by means of a pump and this vessel has a pipe on the top precisely for this purpose. It also has a gauge on the top to allow for the required vacuum level to be reached.

The cream or gel could be emptied via a tube at the bottom of the lid aided by the rotating motion of the mixing blades and this method was also used to recirculate the cream by returning it to the vessel through a tube on the lid for better mixing and gradual cooling.