Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid-Bed Dryer

Model: Uni-Glatt
Manufacturer: Glatt, Pratteln, Switzerland
Year of Manufacture: 1980



This Fluid Bed Dryer mobile laboratory unit is suitable for drying, humidifying and spray granulation when fitted with the appropriate optional accessories. It is designed for batch capacities of 0.5 to 3.0 kg.

The machine is mounted on a mobile purpose-built lower cabinet which includes a drawer for storage on the left-hand side. Product to be treated is filled into a product container and the whole assembly is then sealed by a pneumatic ram which pushes the individual parts upwards against their respective seals so that air passes through only from the inside.

Air is sucked through the assembly by a fan and is then heated before passing through a perforated base and finally through the product. A butterfly valve regulates the air flow so that the particles flow up, then to the side and finally down the sides again in a pattern resembling a fountain. As the product dries it is fluidised and mixed. The container is fitted with a sight glass to observe proper fluidisation.

The machine can be fitted with an atomising air spray connection which enters through the rear of the product container. Spray lances for spray granulation can be inserted through a side port in the product container. In this configuration spray-granulation is performed which is faster than the two-step “kneading and drying” method and both wetting and drying are done in one piece of equipment.

There is an additional filter assembly inside the dryer and during or after the drying process a pneumatically operated shaker can agitate the filter and free any product which may be lodged. The air inlet and outlet is mounted at the rear of the dryer. The product container is removed at the end of the drying process to discharge the finished product. The operator controls include a timer which can be pre-set to give the desired drying process time required and gauges for pneumatic spray, inlet / outlet pressures and temperatures. The machine requires an external supply of compressed air.

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